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This is a fascinating site.

The introduction is squashed into a very small space at the bottom of the page, so I've copied it into here in its entirety to save you all scrolling like I had to:

"This website allows you to quickly and easily search for a wide range of words and phrases of English in the 100 million word British National Corpus. As with some other BNC interfaces, you can search for words and phrases by exact word or phrase, wildcard or part of speech, or combinations of these. You can also search for surrounding words (collocates) within a ten-word window (e.g. all nouns somewhere near paper, all adjectives near woman, or all nouns near spin). Note also that unlike some other interfaces, this one does not limit you to just those phrases that occur two or three times in the corpus -- here all matching strings are retrieved.

One unique aspect of the corpus is the ability to find the frequency of words and phrases in any combination of registers that you define (spoken, academic, poetry, medical, etc). In addition, you can compare between registers -- for example, verbs that are more common in legal or medical texts, or nouns near break that are more common in fiction than in academic writing.

Finally, you can easily compare between synonyms and other semantically-related words. One simple search, for example, compares the most frequent nouns that appear with sheer, complete, or utter (sheer nonsense, complete account, utter dismay). The interface also allows you to input information from WordNet (a semantically-organized lexicon of English) directly into the search form. This allows you to find the frequency and distribution of words with similar, more general, or more specific meanings.

Please feel free to take a three minute guided tour, which will show the major features of the corpus. A simple click for each query will automatically fill in the form for you, search through the 100 million words of text, and then display the results. The corpus is fast, free, and easy to use, and we believe that it offers some important features not found in any other corpus of English."
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I don't see a URL.

Ceci n'est pas un seing.
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Originally posted by zmjezhd:
I don't see a URL.

Sorry Zmj Eek! I forgot to recopy the URL after I'd pasted the introduction into my post. URL here.
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