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bluffong game: PINTADINE

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May 04, 2021, 18:52
bluffong game: PINTADINE
Here's one I came across a while back:


Your Daffynitions via PM, please.
May 06, 2021, 08:31
Thanks for starting another one, hab!
I have submitted.

If I can manage to win this one, I'll get us started on some tricky items I've started salting away. For years my local weekly has had a quiz on arcane words by a guy who is not syndicated so heehee y'all not likely to have seen them.
May 06, 2021, 18:27
Ooh, nice! There's nothing in the rules that says you have to Win anything to post your own, although it seems our temperaments can't handle more than one at a time.

All Contributions Cheerfully Accepted!
May 07, 2021, 17:48
What Haberdasher said! You got a word, post it and forget about wining, losing, or drawing.
May 21, 2021, 21:42
While you're here, CJ, throw Hab a daffynition so this game won't die.
June 03, 2021, 13:13
Hey, remember this game? Are we gonna finish it, huh? Are we?
June 18, 2021, 17:36
Let's give this one an honorable retirement, shall we? See HERE.