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The Wendig poem

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February 02, 2004, 19:56
Hic et ubique
The Wendig poem
Though unsure why tsuwm linked to the word wendigo, I was looking forward to posting the Ogden Nash poem about the beast -- until I saw that tsuwm had already referred to Nash's work. But all is not lost, for the full poem does not appear accurately on the net. So here it is for your amusement, as taken from a bricks-and-mortar copy of Nash's The Private Dining Room (1949).
The Wendigo,
The Wendigo!
Its eyes are ice and indigo!
Its blood is rank and yellowish!
Its voice is hoarse and bellowish!
Its tentacles are slithery,
And scummy,
Its lips are hungry blubbery,
And smacky,
The Wendigo,
The Wendigo!
I saw it just a friend ago!
Last night it lurked in Canada;
Tonight, on your veranada!
As you are lolling hammockwise
It contemplates you stomachwise.
You loll,
It contemplates,
It lollops.
The rest is merely gulps and gollops.