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I have now received my permission to remain in China until 25 July 2017 which means that I will be celebrating my 60th birthday on 9th April in Yangshuo. I am hoping to invite foreign friends as well as local friends and make a good celebration of it. Although I will send out specific invitations to various people there is also a general invitation to anyone and everyone that I know so if anybody thinks they might like to come visit me in China for my birthday let me know and I will give details as I get them.

arnie - any chance of making this sticky for a while?

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Well, the birthday celebrations look like being lower key than I'd hoped. So far I have a small number of "maybe", a larger number of "sorry can't make it", an even larger number of no replies and no "yes, I'll be there".
Add to that the fact the bar I was hoping to use may be closing a month before my birthday and it's beginning to look like it will be me, a couple of bottles of beer and a bag of peanuts in my apartment.
So... is anybody actually likely to make it or should I buy the small bag of peanuts rather than the family size pack?
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