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Don't know if you have a thread for this already so I apologize if I'm duplicating some other thread. Feel free to add this elsewhere if appropriate.

This limerick came up on the other side and, for obvious reasons, this board came to mind:

When Ragnarok comes, an alliance
Of Aesir will battle the Giants,
And each Asa will grin,
Though there's no way to win,
Facing death with a fierce, fey defiance.

(AY-zir) The Aesir (singular: Asa, (AY-suh)) are the Norse gods. Ragnarok ("Doom of the Powers"), also known as Gotterdammerung, is the end of the world according to Norse mythology.

This is by Mike Scholtes, an OEDILFer who seems to relish in specializing in the writing of our most technical limericks. I love everything he writes and understand maybe a third of it.

So, Asa... Any Norse sap in the Lovejoy family tree?
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The nominative singular of æsir is áss in Old Icelandic. The form ása does occur in compounds, such as ásagisling (hostage of the æsir). I have seen As in English, with a plural of Ases; the extra s being dropped for euphemistic reasons. Anyway, why is not Asa pronounced (Ah-suh) and Aesir (AY-sir)?

Ceci n'est pas un seing.
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<Asa Lovejoy>

So, Asa... Any Norse sap in the Lovejoy family tree?

My paternal grandmother was a sap named Peterson, so,yes.

Hmmmm, here I thought Wagner was getting away with cussing when he wrote his "Gotterdammerung." Confused
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