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The envelope, please...

< drumroll >

We have a winner !


A. Had bad oysters for dinner in Sterling.
Soon both innards and head were left whirling.
Gulped down Pepto-Bismol;
Its effects were quite dismal,
And I ended the evening by hurling.
– by Proofreader
no takers

B. There is a young lady in Sterling
Who's busy with knitting and purling
She's crafting a sweater
For Benny Ledbetter
When he grabs a broom and goes curling
– by geoff
no takers

C. I have a good buddy in Sterling
Who tells me he's going out "girling."
He heads for the bars,
And looks for the "stars."
But he ends up just drinking and hurling.
– by Kalleh
no takers here either

D. As I lay on my bed back in Sterling
And the thoughts in my head were just swirling
The things that I'd seen
On that movie screen
Were the things I’d expect from Rod Serling
– by tinman 
tickled sattva's funnybone

E. My town was so proud of its curling
The stones would go down the ice whirling
When we lost one game - pfft-y
To a team named "North Fifty"
The headlines read "Fifty Pounds Sterling!"
– by haberdasher
first choice of Geoff

F. A logger was living in Sterling
And often competed in birling*
Until once in BC
Fell astraddle a tree
And now there’s no boying-and-girling. 
– by geoff
no takers
*(I didn't think this crew needs a translation here, so I left it out)

G. There was a young woman of Sterling
who often sent men's heads a-whirling
Eschewing all dress
Except tassles, I guess,
Her jiggling stride sent 'em twirling
– by geoff
first choice of Geoff votes from Bob Hale and arnie and Proofreader

H. I went out on the town once in Sterling
For my friend and I thought we’d go girling
We met Patty and Mabel
Who drank us under the table
The next morning my head was just whirling
– by tinman
chosen by Kalleh, though she thought “a little workshopping” might make it better still


A clear plurality for Geoff, with honorable mentions to Kalleh and Tinman and hab. As Limerickmeister-pro-tem I don't have a vote except as tiebreaker, but I think the accolade is well-deserved.

Which means you're up next, when Polyhymnia [the Muse of Sacred Poetry] sees fit to inspire you.

[and Geoff - AFK is slang for "Away From Keyboard."]

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Congratulations, Geoff! What place will you choose?
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