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I am sad to report that my town has spent a great deal of money to "update" our local library... when it opened recently, many were disappointed to find the main [ground] floor transformed into something that looks suspiciously like an erstwhile video store (our town's video stores BTW have flown the coop...) There is much more seating available... but those who are interested in BOOKS must first ascend to Floor 2 (we do have an elevator for the elderly and infirm, but...) to find said books. The main floor is now devoted to, shall we say, alternative vehicles [of information, that is.]

Many say we are simply doing what others at the cutting edge are doing. I say.. what the hey?? Videos are already a thing of the past, and CD's will soon be obsolete. What will we find on the main floor then? (as MP3's are, from what I can determine, invisible...)

Pleas elucidate.
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Bethree, I've said the same here before, but some apparently think it's "progress." I suppose it's something like the discussion between the Kindle and real books. I am definitely with you on this and am anxious to hear the other side.
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Well, first I will point out that, most likely, the plans for your renovations were probably made up to 2 years ago. That time lapse, although it seems short, can really make a difference in trends and feelings about things. The idea that videos are going by the wayside and CD with them, is a fairly new idea.

I do know what you mean, though, about being alarmed at seeing mainly movies when you first walk in. That is a tricky thing. I would suggest, if you've not already done it, that you submit your concern to your library director or Board. You won't see change happen quickly, but it is important that they know your thoughts.

The nature of libraries is changing, and I don't know really where we'll end up in a few years. I do know that the "profession" is having conversations all over the net and in every conference about what we should be doing/how we should be serving our customers. Sometimes our ideas end up looking like we no longer care so much about books, but I assure you that is not the case! Sometimes in our efforts to give people what we think they want, we end up confusing people, or upsetting some.

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