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I'm always amused by bad science in television adverts but only rarely get to see it combined with bad linguistics.

There is an ad currently running for a new anti-wrinkle face cream which has plenty of bad science in it but also has the claim that it is effective because it contains its amazing new ingredient.

This ingredient is clearly written up in capital letters on the screen as


but referred to in the voice over as Proxy-lane or later as Pro-X.

Incidentally, as far as can discover there is no scientific basis whatsoever to the claim that you can "rebuild your skin from the inside out".

It does remind me of a shampoo ad from years ago that explained that the shampoo was good because it was "adsorbed" by the hair. Since "adsorb" means to form a layer on the surface, it scarcely seems compatible with any kind of cleaning does it.

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"No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money." Samuel Johnson.
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Here's what their Web site says (I couldn't get their link to work here):
Skin Genesis is L'Oreal's first skincare line to utilized patented Pro-Xylane, a naturally dreived ingredient from the beech wood plant. By penetrating the extra-cellular matrix that supports skin structure, Pro-Xylane can restore skin's overall health and suppleness. Rebuild skin from the inside out with Skin Genesis's Pro-Xylane for ultimate radiance.
Beech wood, huh? They are referring to the matrix support when they talk about "rebuilding from the inside out." I'd hardly call additional matrix support "rebuilding from the inside out," but I suppose they could get away with that. I can tell you that many women would be impressed by the matrix part and about it being the "first line" to use patented Pro-Xylane.

I was a little impressed with their correct apostrophe use. Wink
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Originally posted by Kalleh:
Beech wood, huh?

You sound skeptical. Don't forget that at one time almost all of our medicined were plant-based. The WHO estimates that 80% of the world's population rely on herbal medicines for their primary health care.

There is a patent on ingredients from Fagus spp. (beech) .

European Patent EP0900561

Abstract of EP0900561
Compositions containing as the active ingredient an extract of buds, in particular, young buds of plants of the genus Fagus of the family Fagaceae in the base component. These compositions promote the production of collagen which is one of the constituents of the extracellular matrix and thus activate the extracellular matrix and normalize the skin tissue on the basis of the above effect, thus exerting an excellent aging-resisting effect.

A new xylose-derived active cosmetic ingredient for anti-aging-Toward sustainable development.

Accession number;06A0864961
Title;A new xylose-derived active cosmetic ingredient for anti-aging-Toward sustainable development.
Author;JITSUKAWA SETSUKO(Nihonrorearu) HARA KAZUSHIGE(Nihonrorearu)
Journal Title;Fragr J
Journal Code:G0987B
Figure&Table&Reference;FIG.7, TBL.1, REF.6
Pub. Country;Japan
Abstract;Pro-Xylane is a new derivative of xylose with skin anti-aging activity. The molecule is synthesized by an eco-friendly green process using a raw material derived from a renewable source. Mimicking the action of xylose, Pro-Xylane activates glycosaminoglycans (GAG) synthesis in dermal fibroblasts and reinforces dermal-epidermal junction by activating syntheses of the molecules involved, such as collagens and adhesion proteins. The molecule also stimulates the expression of hyaluronic acid receptors (CD44) on the surface of keratinocytes. In vivo studies showed that Pro-Xylane increased the skin elasticity, and was efficient to improve wrinkles, sagging and pigmentation of the aged women's skin. (author abst.)

And, if you really want to read the article, you can buy it here.

The following is from Silvics of North America: Fagus grandifolia (American beech)
Creosote made from beech wood is used internally and externally as a medicine for various human and animal disorders. (It is important to note that coal tar creosote, the kind used to protect wood from rots, is highly toxic to humans.)

I have no idea how effective Skin Genesis. I still remember the Acne Satin debacle.

Pat Boone and family were caught when it found out that ALL of the daughters who appeared in the Acne-Satin Commercial did NOT use the product. Boone and family had to give back some of the money earned from the commercials and give it TO people who bought the product.

I want to point out the next paragraph, too, though it probably comes as no surprise to anyone.
It should be noted that there are NO laws against false POLITICAL advertising. In fact, Minnesota passed such a law which was found to be unconstitutional at the district court level. That decision is being appealed. The law, as written makes it a gross misdemeanor to knowingly disseminate false information in a political campaign ad. (Advertising Compliance Service, 1996)

And here's one from Washington state.
Split court says candidates can lie
Government has no business trying to stop political candidates from deliberately lying about each other in campaign ads, a divided state Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

In the 5-4 decision upholding a lower-court ruling, the high court said a state law aimed at punishing political candidates for false advertising is an unconstitutional infringement on free speech.
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When I checked I found any number of sites rubbishing the claims. Most of the claims made for this type of product are scientific nonsensne. If they had hard evidence they would present it rather than some vague and woolly statement of what it's supposed to do. In cases such as this, they haven't presented it because they don't have it.
(The standard cosmetics industry defence on this is that the poor little members of the public are too thick to understand it.)

Anyway it was the reanalysis of pro - xylane as proxy - lane that I was actually commenting on.

"No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money." Samuel Johnson.
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