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I was surprised to find that there were people here who hadn't discovered The Word Detective site so I've decided to share a few others that I've found while playing on the internet.

World Wide Words
Word Origins and
Go English

are all good and usually reliable sources for the origins of words and phrases, similar in some ways to the Word Detective.

Word Trivia is an odd collection of miscellanea with palindromes, longest words and other odd bits and pieces.

Collections of general writings about language can be found at The Washington Post Style Invitational and of course Richar Lederer's Verbivore.

More related to logic than to language but interesting in parts is The Fallacy Files.

Similarly quite a lot of amusing Latin translations (such as the oddity which is my signature line at the moment) can be found at The Latin/Greek Resource.

Finally (usually bad) translation can be had at Babel Fish and the bizarre, surreal and usually amusing effects of multiple translation can be sampled at Lost in translation. As an example the following text is the first paragraph of this post run through 'Lost In Translation'

- It had that will be observed me that I have myself same I surprise, this one that I age person here here, of who the informative place of the system of the word had not discovered, therefore, that it decided to divide me some different one which I found when he plays in the Internet.

I enjoy all of these sites and hope at least some of you have yet to discover them.
If anyone knows of other language or logic related sites (come to that any good sites) maybe you can post them here as well.

Habent Abdenda Omnes Praeter Me ac Simiam Meam

Read all about my travels around the world here.

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There's a thread in the Community Forum, building a list of useful reference sources for our site, that has a number of URLs for useful word-related sites, as well.

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Thanks, Bob. It was my comment that surprised you. I especially like the word detective site because they give anecdotes and uses of the words. I don't like the sites as well that just give a list of words and definitions.
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