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I saw that Randy Rainbow has a new FB song called I am the very model of a very stable genius.
It's good, though not as good as my similar I am the very model of a modern US President

Anyway, it inspired me to a song based on the Nightmare Song from Iolanthe.


When you’re lying awake, and you’re counting mistakes and you’re wondering what’s to become of us
And it’s true you’re confused by the views on the news that all seem to be monstrous to some of us
Though you can’t comprehend how we came to this end or what has gone wrong with democracy,
Well, whomever you see when your watching TV, everyone of them’s full of hypocrisy.
When you turn to papers, they’re filled with the capers of people with lifestyles demonstrably
Designed to encourage with talentless flourishes people to act irresponsibly
There is simply no let up from modern day set up, you consider yourself to be better
Than the whole human race which you view with distaste as being no more than your debtor.
And still when you sleep, the images creep unbidden into every dream you have
And taint them with rancour that acts as an anchor to any last shred of esteem you have
You are part of a summit when the world starts to plummet ‘cause one country’s elected a President
Whose delusional view of his perfect IQ makes him more like an inmate than resident.
And you notice he says that because he’s the prez he can do things quite unconstitutional
Though it’s hard to make out what he’s talking about as he is so circumlocutional
He says he’s building a wall though it’s not very tall, in fact it’s much more like a ditch
But they’re building a case to ensure his disgrace though he claims they’re hunting a witch
Then he claims that of course he’ll start up a space force to save us from extra-terrestrial
Invasive incursions though his private aversion’s to aliens a touch more pedestrial
Who are crossing the borders with agendas and orders undermining the just and the true
Though justice and truth (and behaviour that’s couth) are concepts he’s encountered anew.
It seems he intends to turn all of his friends into foes (though the meaning escapes him)
Though his enemy’s lauded and loudly applauded as the president publicly apes him.
Then the dream turns around and he’s Buckingham bound on a day trip for meeting the Queen
But as he strides ahead with no thought in his head Her Majesty’s not to to be seen.
He looks at the sky while adjusting his tie not seeing she’s standing behind him
He’s quite unaware or perhaps doesn’t care that he’s not in the place they assigned him
Protocol? Not at all, it’s simply his gall - he’s the greatest so doesn’t need manners
And outside the gate demonstrating their hate are folks with unflattering banners
Though they cannot be for him as people adore him at least that’s the way he perceives it
His alternative facts he will trust to the max, whatever he claims he believes it.
As you dream of this man, you would wake if you can, but then you start to weep, for you’ve not been asleep, and all of it’s true but what can you do, with a cry of despair you leap from the chair and you moan and you groan for you feel so alone when the whole world’s gone mad like an apple that’s bad and you’ve eaten the worm and it’s starting to squirm and you’re feeling quite ill so relax now and chill
For the dark days will pass, there’ll be sunshine at last and though eight years is long, ditto ditto this song - the nightmare will end when it will.

"No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money." Samuel Johnson.
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Oh, Shu will love it! Thank you!
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