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Something interesting appeared in an article about speed dating. But since that term is barely in one-look, it may be a new term to some of you, so here is how the article describes it.

Can you really size up a total stranger as a potential date in just a few minutse of idle chitchat? That's the premise behind "speed dating." Combining elements of traditional matchmaking with some of the frenzy of musical chairs, participants get three to eight minutes with a series of potettial mates. At the end of the night, they decide whether any are actually date-able. The other party has to agree, of course.

Participants get a chance to meet more prospective mates than they would in a standard blind date, and in a live setting rather than through a series of contrived e-mails. The ultimate selling point for speed-dating? Bad dates end quickly.

Several companies now host speed-dating parties.

Comments welcome. Wink

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I have had a lot of dates in my life (before Shufitz, of course!), and I do think you can tell fairly quickly that there is chemistry between you and a potential mate.

On the other hand, it took awhile before Shufitz's and my relationship developed. Had we speed dated, I doubt that we would have gotten together.
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Speed dating may be an American phenomenon at this point and, sadly, it sems to be limited to just those people who, it would seem, need the least assistance in this area - the young. Should the chance come up, I would give it a go. If nothing else, it would help weed out the obviously unsuitable, as in:

She: "While some people call me pushy, I'm only extremely assertive in my efforts to show strangers the errors of their ways and convert them to my specific Christian church."

Me: "Hail, Satan and have a nice day!"

Two minutes later: Just checked another thread and see that speed dating has hit London. Maybe even originated there, I don't know.
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<Asa Lovejoy>
I've speed dated, but only accidentally. Maybe I need to start bathing and brushing my three teeth.
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