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I’m always running across words that are new to me or familiar words that are used in an unusual way. One I read today was numpty. It can be either a noun or an adjective and means an idiot, a fool, a dolt, etc. It’s British slang, Scottish in origin (OED Online), etymology unknown, perhaps an alteration of numps or numbskull (OED Online). One of the quotes, “Yi know, there are times in my life when I feel like the worst wee numpty jobby in the world,” prompted me to look up jobby. Jobby is a “lump of excrement.” It apparently started out as a U.S. euphemism for a bowel movement, but now seems to be mostly as . British slang.
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Being of Scottish/Irish/English stock, I guess I qualify as one, although I've been called a nebbish far more often. Maybe it's the company I keep?

BTW, what's up with your Bluffing Game word? While you didn't like my numpty submissions, surely others provided some good one?
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It reminds me of " Humpty Dumpty," which apparently means a "short, clumsy person of either sex." Interestingly, earlier (1690s) it was a drink: ale boiled with brandy. However, there may not be a connection between the two meanings.
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