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Jan. 2008

Making and Using Words

The Sorcerer, by Gilbert and Sullivan

Eponyms again

It’s a jungle out there!

Short words (and similar doublets)


April 2008

Psychology Words

Noble Eponyms

The Physician by Noah Gordon

Mistaken Science

Animals as Metaphors


July 2008

US Independence Day

Speeches and Orations

Ancient Metal Elements (metaphorically)

Lingo of Corporate Takeovers





Feb. 2008

Unfamiliar Homonyms of Everyday Words

Valentine's Day L-words

Pregnancy, from Z to A

Logic, Reasoning and Thought



May 2008

Of Politics and Politicians

More Short Words

Beer, Glorious Beer

Glacial Geology


August 2008

Painterly Terms

Shade and Shadow

Eponyms Once Again

Gulliver's Travels








March 2008

Fossil Words

More surviving fossils

Archaic Words




June 2008

2008 Scrips Spelling Bee

Knitting Lingo

Newspapers give less-obscure words

Words better known as negatives



September 2008

Terms with Numbers

Learning New Words

Portmanteau ("Blend") Words








Jan. 2007

Types of Writing

Colo(u)rful Words

Words from the Crimean War

Obscure Water-Words


April 2007

Coined Words

Laws, Principles, and Rules

Short Words

Words from Games


July 2007

Monk words

Animating Adjectives

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

What's Our Theme?


Oct. 2007

Disagreeable Sorts

What's our theme?

Interesting Etymologies

Book: Extraordinary Popular Delusions




Feb. 2007

Action words: verbs

The Vulgar Tongue

Eponyms again

Miscellaneous Words


May 2007

More Game/Sport Words

Words of the Theater

Words from Arabic

2007 Scripps National Spelling Bee


August 2007

Collections and collectors

Specific "collective" nouns

Collections of Writings

Savory Collectives - E pluribus unum


Nov. 2007


Eponyms once again

Book: The Sea

About face




March 2007

People You Know

People you may know

Occupations Surviving as Surnames

Eponyms from Surnames from Occupations


June 2007

Words from Folk Etymology

Antiquated Words - Oddballs Only

Eponyms from Shakespeare

Words with Religious Connection


Sept. 2007

Tasty Words


New Beasts in OED

Rip Van Winkle

Domineering Women


Dec. 2007

Bodily Conditions

Kinds of People

Professions from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

What's new




Jan. 2006

Eponyms from World War II

Lazy People

Antedating the OED

Waters of the World

"Untranslatable" Words from German


April 2006

From the poems of Guy W. Carryl

One Week of the Newspaper

Time for More Time

Words of Deception and Trickery


July 2006


Geography Words

Words from Hawaiian

Volcano Words


Oct. 2006

Hiding and Secrecy

Words of War and Revolt

More Words of War







Feb. 2006

In Honour of Charles Dickens

Terms of Wordplay

Peculiar Newfoundland English

The Color Black



May 2006

Terms from Horse Racing

Akeelah and the Bee




August 2006

Insulting Words

Sensory Words

Words from Wordcraft's "Bluffing Game"

Words of Art


Nov. 2006

Dirksenian Prose


More toponyms

One Day; One Newspaper






March 2006

Astronomy terms, and metaphor

False Starts and New Beginnings

Eponyms - outrageous and/or obscure

Basketball terms used figuratively



June 2006

Words from our board

Spanish Land-word Loanwords

Words from Spanish

F-word thoughts


Sept. 2006

Eponyms from the Ancient Greeks

Vibrant Verbs

Words of Double Meaning

The French Revolution


Dec. 2006

Phrases from Latin

Graphic Words

Eponyms from Literature

Words from Heinlein






Jan. 2005

Tsunamis and related words

From an old joke

Eponyms (non-character) from writings

Etymologies in the Sky



April 2005

Two for the Price of One

Eyesight, used figuratively

Papal Election

Terms from French


July 2005

Unpleasant Places

Political Leaders as Eponyms

Common Words missing from OED


Oct. 2005

Words of Fakeitude or Error

Boo! for Halloween





Feb. 2005

Book Words

For Valentine's Day

"Bell" Words

Government and Rule

Jane Austen #3


May 2005

"Colors of Spring" – and others

Incommodating Eponyms

Words of the Law

The issue of using "Hard Words"


August 2005

Harry Potter, Book I

Potter words; later books



Nov. 2005


Toponyms from heavenly places






March 2005


Words OED has only from other Dictionaries

Saints Preservèd

"Untranslatable" Foreign Words



June 2005

'Hard words' from "River Horse"

Less-known meanings of familiar words

Weather words

Eating and Drinking


Sept. 2005

Horticulture words

Words of Railroading

Bible Eponyms


Dec. 2005


Anti-Black Discrimination

More Christmas-Carol Words

Odd and Amusing Scientific Names





Jan. 2004

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Work We Go

Pronunciations and Mispronunciations

Words from the Comic Strips



April 2004

Interesting Etymologies

Shakesperean Words

The Art of the Book

Words that made me laugh


July 2004

Terms from Mathematics

Uplifting Eponyms

Guess the theme

Varieties of Written Works


Oct. 2004

Spelling Bee Words

I'll Do That for You

Jane Austen Words (part 1)

Odd and Curious Beasties





Feb. 2004

Horse Words

More Horse Words

Horse Sense: Terms Of Logic

Characters from Greek Myth


May 2004

Eponyms of Women  

From the Securities Markets

"Dutch" Phrases

Not Azygous: Shy Spouse-words


August 2004

-asterous pejoratives

Ethnic slurs of the Classical Greeks

Words from Italian


Nov. 2004

Words of Election and Voting

Abecedarian Insults

Words from Chess

The Common Man





March 2004

Martha Stewart Words

The Ides of March: Caesar words

Ineffectual people: words from Yiddish

Blowing in the Winds


June 2004

The body, especially joints

The press reflects on Reagan

Have You Ever Met People Like This?

Terms of Illogic


Sept. 2004

Terms of International Relations

Bizarre etymologies

Confusing Doublets, redux

Lifestyles, "On the street where you live"


Dec. 2004

High-powered Positives

Jane Austen, revisited

Lesser-Known Counterparts of Familiar Words

Wintry words





Jan. 2003

Mythical Places

Common Food Names with Interesting Stories

Words from US Football

Weird and Wonderful Words


April 2003

Words from the News

Words from Astrology

Unusual Eponyms

Tuchman's The First Salute


July 2003

People and how words affect them

Deletions from Webster's Collegiate

Words from The Da Vinci Code 

Signs of the Times


Oct. 2003

The Seven Deadly Sins

Words from Baseball

It's about time

Words from Dorothy Parker





Feb. 2003

Characters from Charles Dickens

Valentine's Day – ah, Love

Love gang agley (gone awry)

Unexpected etymologies from animals


May 2003

"Iraq words" - Q without U

Bible stories

Oration: Types of Speeches

Individuals' Relation to Society


August 2003

For your aMUSEment – The Muses

Sounds of Nature

Seeing Red

Words from Gilbert & Sullivan's Mikado


Nov. 2003

Gallic Words

The body, especially digits

Eponyms of Americans

Confusing doublets





March 2003

Pleasant Conversation

Epi- Words

A Hodge-Podge of Reduplicatives

Words of the War


June 2003

Animal words

More Phrases from French

Bromatology – more food words

People and how words affect them


Sept. 2003

Eponyms from Drama

Euphonious Words

Verbs: Let's have some action!

Morgan words



Dec. 2003

Science concepts

Words from Ogden Nash

Double-Dactyl Words

"BBC words": Boisterous Bumptious Coinages





July-Aug. 2002

Words from Yiddish

Words from Politics

Personalities from Literature

Words for funny uses of words

Gilbert and Sullivan:  Battle of the Sexes


Oct. 2002

Words that Sound Dirty – But Aren't

Words from The Raven by E. A. Poe

The Colors of Fall

Things That Go Bump In The Night





Sept. 2002

Phrases from French

Anniversary of 9/11/2001

This thing must have a name!

Words from Characters in Homer's Iliad

Words from Russian Politics


Nov. 2002

All the world's a stage ... 

Water-metaphor Words

German Lingo Of Mental States

Words from Characters in Homer's Odyssey











Dec. 2002

Counterpart Words, Female and Male

Words from "Pirates of Pergamon"

How did Language Arise?

Words from Christmas Carols

Phrases from Latin


Wordcraft Dictionary

Links for Linguaphiles (partial)

Books for Linguaphiles


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